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Test of Sigma 50-150 mm f/2.8 APO EX DC HSM

1. Introduction

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Recently we published a review of Sigma 70-200 mm f/2.8 EX APO DG HSM Macro - the lens that has good reputation among many users. This is big, solid instrument designed for full frame cameras so we were not surprised that it performed well on APS-C DSLRs. The only drawback is that good optical features come at the price of heavy weight and large dimensions.

This was the reason for which Sigma decided to design lens espiecially for APS-C/DX users that could replace 70-200 mm f/2.8 model. And so they made Sigma 50-150 mm f/2.8 APO EX DC HSM. According to Sigma, it should be optically equal to its older counterpart but much smaller and lighter. Thanks to K-Consult company, which supplied us with one we could check if it's true or not.

Might be important! In our pages one can find the test of lenses of Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Sony, Tamron and Tokina which are written in Polish. However, the order of chapters is exactly the same as in this test, and you may find useful looking at MTF50 and CA graphs, pictures of coma, distortion and vigentting and sample shots as well.

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