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Test of Tokina AT-X 535 Pro DX AF 50-135 mm f/2.8

19 stycznia 2007
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1. Introduction

Almost year ago some rumours started about new Tokina lenses: fish eye 10-17 mm, standard zoom 16-50 mm f/2.8 and tele-zoom 50-135 mm f/2.8. That information was officially confirmed during PMA show in February 2006. Tokina planned to introduce all three lenses during Photokina show in autumn.

Tokina wanted to prepare new lenses carefully before launching them because two of them had very strong competition. Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 got very good reviews and also Sigma 50-135 f/2.8 looked very interesting. During Photokina show Tamron proved to be so good that Tokina decided to delay their 16-50 mm lens premiere till march 2007.

So only two lenses were introduced to the market: fisheye zoom (which has in fact no competition) and 50-135 mm lens. It looks like Tokina was not afraid of competing with new HSM equipped Sigma 50-150 mm (which also has bigger zoom) so they must have been sure their product does not need any adjustments and can win against any similar lens.

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Thanks to Migomex company, which supplied us this lens for testing we were able to check if it is true or not.

Might be important! In our pages one can find the test of lenses of Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Sony, Tamron and Tokina which are written in Polish. However, the order of chapters is exactly the same as in this test, and you may find useful looking at MTF50 and CA graphs, pictures of coma, distortion and vigentting and sample shots as well.

Additionaly, our review of Sigma 50-150 mm f/2.8 was published in English and can be found here.